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Iridiums are a relatively small communications satellite has been providing spectacular visible reflective flares/glints to observers on the ground.

This pages was primarily created for Czech Internet, because there are only few pages about Iridium Flares theme. This page is the only one contain large Iridium Flare Gallery in whole Czech Internet.

This gallery was interesting for more people in the rest of the World, because many people asked me via e-mail for english version of the gallery. We translated this page and the Iridium Flare Gallery with detail looks and authors' comments in to English.

This was our contribution to Save Iridium project.

Any comments about this gallery please send to my e-mail. Thank you. Please note, that this webpages are out of date, some e-mail addresses and links could be invalid.

Martin Klíma


For many other interesting informations about Iridium Flares theme please visit Iridium Flares page in english at




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Gallery updated
Gallery updated
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Metamorphosis of pages is continuing. New english translation of comments in the gallery.
Iridium Flare pages completely redesigned. English version of gallery coming soon.

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